Key Issues
The urgency of the moment compels every doctor to save Democracy. All issues flow from this core purpose.
  • Protecting American democracy– We have seen Democracy across all the fronts listed below. Ohio in 2023 showed how Democracy can be saved, we can do it again in 2024.
  • Reproductive freedom- From Alabama to Arizona, from Florida to Texas, and right here in Ohio, we all know how the MAGA movement has cut women with life-threatening infections and bleeding from care, chased children pregnant from rape from their states, and threatened doctors with felony imprisonment. The Ohio Supreme Court can be a foundation to secure the rights to reproductive health care, but only if all three Democrats are elected.
  • Insuring Americans. Over 40 million Americans are only insured today because of the Affordable Care Act. The MAGA movement is committed to stripping them of their protection. DOHCS stands for protecting the ACA, which we helped pass. We say, no American should die for lack of insurance, no American should go bankrupt for getting ill.
  • Standing up for Science– When science is attacked, we are all attacked, for loss of potential advances, for the loss of understanding, for the erosion of fact, the firmest foundation for any Democracy.