Key Issues
The key issues that DOHCS is working to have the impact that doctors' voices can make. Every one requires the Election of Joe Biden on November 3. And so NOW we broadcast on Facebook, Get Out the Vote, and Post Messages and Videos
  • Protecting American democracy– under serious threat from the tyranny of Trump and his GOP
  • Protecting and strengthening the programs that give Americans access to care:  Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, and CHIP.  We say, no American should die for lack of insurance, no American should go bankrupt for getting ill
  • Women’s health rights- Every society can be judged by the respect given to women to manage their health just like men do.
  • Ending Death by Gun- No American should die from a gun.  We invented airplanes and found a way to make 2017 a year with no deaths by plane crash.  Medical and engineering sciences can find a way to end the epidemic of deaths by guns in America.
  • Protecting our planet from catastrophic climate change– Denial of this can and will lead to more than poor health, but to mass devastation
  • Decreasing the level of poisoning of our air and water– to save many lives, to save the developing mind of our children
  • Standing up for Science– when science is attacked, we are all attacked, for loss of potential advances and for the loss of understanding.